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Billetter kan forhåndbestilles via | Tickets can be ordered here:

Festivalpass: 1250,- (før 1.april) /1550,-

Festivalpass barn: 550,-

Helgepass: 1100,-

Helgepass barn: 250,-

Dagspass: 550,-

Dagspass barn: 175,-


Familiepass: 3200,- (før 1.april)/3500,-


Festivalpass outside the nordic countries: 625,- (before 1st of april)/775,-

Family pass outside the nordic countries: 1600,- (before 1st of april) /1750,-


Hytte 4 sengeplasser (cabin with 4 beds): 1700,-

Seng innendørs (bed inside): 500,-


If you need a lower ticket price to participate in the festival, please send us an email so we can help you out!